Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's F.A.Q. Part 3: The Beta Critic

3.1 We should talk a bit about your blog.

But off course, you're welcome to ask!

I was getting tired to talk about myself even if it's such an interesting topic.

3.2 A simple one for starter: what is The Beta Critic?

Have you read the About the Blog in the footer? No? You lazy sucker... let me just copy and paste:

The Beta Critic is a blog devoted to videogames: here you will read honest and outspoken reviews, thoughts and theories about game design and even some good old fashioned rant about the gaming community and all that revolves around it.

Did you see what I did there?

3.3 What does The Beta Critic mean?

My blog's name is a simple worldplay with a couple of senses.

First, on a more personal and auto-ironic level, it means that I always felt like the beta version of a professional critic: you know, the kind of respected guy who reviews last Cormac Mc Carthy's respected novel on a respected magazine. Only, I want to review games and I'm not that respected to begin with. I must admit that from time to time I even ask myself if I enjoy more to play games or to discuss about them...

Secondly, the Beta Critic is a joke about metacritic and today's obsession with its scores. In fact, I firmly believe that metacritic scores are a farcical and deceptive joke. Pro or user: it does not make any difference to me. To put it bluntly: it would be a pleasure for all mankind if we flush it all away... and see you darlin' in Arizona Bay.

I know, I know: a controversial opinion needs some support in term of facts and arguments, but it would be beyond the scope of the F.A.Q. So, for now take it at face value: I will cover the topic very soon on the blog.

3.4 So... ok... I guess... but... yet another videogames blog? Are you for real?

Yep, I am for real. That's the only honest answer I can give you. But wait: I have plans. And if my resolve keep up while I put them in to practice, I hope that The Beta Critic will look different from your average gamers blog at the end of the process. Mind, there's nothing bad with the average gamer blog: I simply want to find a way to stand out... or die in the process.

Then, only time will tell, che serĂ  serĂ  and all the stuff that we say when we are afraid to fail.

3.5 You just talked about plans. I would like to know more about them (you mad!).

I guess you are trolling again, right? No? Ok, but don't get your hopes too high: it's not rocket science. I simply want to structure my blog like a magazine, with recurring colums committed to different topics.

3.6 Do I have to make all the work? Decribe those colums already!

Ok, ok... but calm yourself! Those youngsters are so impatient... well, how to put it: do you see the menu bar of my blog? Those are the columns I was speaking about:

Beta Critics: The chore of the blog where you'll find reviews of old and new games alike. That's the deal: I usually play one game a month. Once I finished it, I will publish its review on The Beta Critic. If there's some game I've played in the last years that is connected to the new one in some way or the other, I will add a "vintage" review based solely on my recollection of that game. All games will be reviewed using the same rating system.

Thoughts & Theories: Seriouz articles about game design stuff. Nothing too technical but since my background is rooted deeply on pen & paper roleplaying games and genre fiction, the focus of that section will be based mostly around my opinions on the techniques and the systems that videogames could use to improve in the RPG and Storytelling department.

The Monthly Rant: The title says it all. Here you will read my opinionated and vocal reports about what annoys me most in the gaming world.

Finally, in the Beta: Live! section you will find what games I'm playing at the current moment with a brief first impression review... kind of. 

3.7 Yawn... sorry, I nearly felt asleep. Interesting! But... no news? Why?

No news. There are many blogs and site in the Internet with plenty of news and all the hype you may need to keep your excitement at stable levels. You can find a link to the ones I check regularly in the News Link section of The Beta Critic. I could make a brief comment about the news I'm really interested about but that's all you'll get from me.

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