Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's F.A.Q. Part 2: Life is a game

2.1 You said that your blog is about videogames but you've only talked about yourself...

Indeed: enough with the personal crap. Let's talk about games. And me... 

2.2 What's your background as a gamer?

I've been a gamer for most of my life. While my first gaming memories are about Pong and Space Invaders, during the years I've tried all kind of stuff beside videgoames (with the exception of bondage, drugs and cosplay). Board games, card games, war games, browser games, roleplaying games (pen and paper and live-action)... you name it! Only in the last years videogames have taken over my game-related hobbies.

2.3 What are your favourite genres? 

Well, for starter I do not believe too much in rigid genre segregation. In many ways, every single videogame creates a genre in its own right. But like every label, genres are so damn useful to understand each other in a glance: you've just to use them with a little bit of common sense. 

So, in strict order of preference, the genres that I love most are: roleplaying, action, grand strategy and adventure. I have a soft spot for "artsy" indie games, no matter the genre. I feel nothing special for real time strategy and sport games. I do not like pure shooters a lot (especially first-person's ones). I hate simulations, driving games and the like.

2.4 Single-player, Multy-player or MMO?

Single-player, period. In my view, single-player is the purest form of gaming, the one that allows more immersion, more storytelling and especially more fun. I've never been interested in multy-player and maybe that explains my aversion for the shooter genre. But while I do not see the point of the whole "let's kill each other online" business, I must admit that I'm very intrigued by the potential of MMOs: persistent worlds, emergent gameplay and player driven narratives could represent the way of the future. Actually, I've never subscribed to an MMO and I've never been able to touch those issues at first hand because I fear that the experience would obliterate my private life once and for all. 

2.5 PC or Consoles?

PC, mostly: you know, I'm an old fart after all. But I own a PS3 for the few titles I'm interested about that do not get a PC port. And I play a lot of games with the gamepad too (if they are developed with that device in mind). I'm not THAT old. So, I'm not a PC integralist: I just think that PC is the most convenient and confortable gaming platform. 

2.6 What do you think about the Wii? What about Kinect?

I think nothing about them because I found the whole concept of motion control to be unintuitive and somewhat ridiculous. But I concede that the Wii is great to have some mindless hours of fun with your friends and relatives.

2.7 Handhelds? I-phone? I-pad? I-anything?

There are some brilliant games for those platforms. Smart, intuitive and deep. Unfortunately, time and money are limited and I prefer to concentrate on the kind of games that I like most, considering that the offer is big enough for a lifetime or two.

2.8 What do you think about games as art?

Now you're trolling me, right?

2.9 Are you going to talk about the things you like?

Oh yes! Shocking, I know! But I guess that's the whole point of the post above. Off course, I will not say only positive things (far from that!) and I could use a diversion from time to time, but I'm going to talk mostly about the games that could interest me more.

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