Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's F.A.Q.: Introduction

I know that FAQ means "frequently asked questions".  Logically, a blogger should start to write the FAQ when there's hundreds of followers who ask the same questions over and over again. 

At the current moment, the only follower of my "work" is the cat: he is lying in the bed and he's watching me lazily while I type nonsense at the keyboard. He has no questions but "when do we eat?" (by the way, say "hi" to Otto, aka the red fat cat). 

Point is, if logic was a factor, I should not have even started The Beta Critic. If logic was a factor, I probably should be done with gaming.

So, why start with the FAQ? Well, for first because I like to write introductions. Then, because I hope that those FAQ will help me as much as you in the unlikely case my blog find some way to thrive: I'll consider them my personal game manual. 

And most importantly, I want to begin with the FAQ because I think that I owe some explanations to any potential reader. Maybe, even to myself.

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